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Sawgrass Sublimation Paper

Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

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Sawgrass Trupix Sublimation Paper

This is a high quality sublimation paper produced by Sawgrass who are the industry leaders for Sublimation Papers and Inks.

Unlike cheaper papers, this will not get jammed or misfeed in your printer. The quality of ink transfer is far superior to other papers on the market.

Qualified Sublimation inkjet paper for transferring images onto hard surfaces such as coated mugs, coated plates, coated metal boards, etc. Also suitable for 100% Polyester or Sublimation coated fabrics

This paper allows the Sublimation ink to turn into a gas when heat is applied. This then transfers the image onto your product with excellent washability and long life of the print.

Packed with 100 sheets  per package

1. Step 1

Use your computer to design the image or text that you wish to print onto the sublimation heat transfer paper and place on clothing or other surfaces. You can use a simple word processing program to type up text, or select a plain picture. Alternatively, use more complex graphic design software to design a more intricate pattern or image.

2. Step 2

Connect the inkjet printer to your computer. Replace the standard printer paper with the sublimation heat transfer paper. Print the graphics or text that you created in Step 2 onto the heat transfer paper. Wait for the paper to dry. Depending on the temperature and humidity levels in your workshop, this may take several minutes.

3. Step 3

Prepare the area to which you wish to copy the graphics or image from the heat transfer paper. If you plan to use a hard, non-porous surface, clean the area with water and a sponge and allow to dry thoroughly. If transferring to clothing, spread the garment out so that the surface is smooth and flat.

4. Step 4

Place the sublimation heat transfer paper onto the surface or clothing with the printed side facing down.

5. Step 5

Turn on the pressure press or clothing iron. Allow the press or iron to heat up. Carefully press the heating device against the backside of the heat transfer paper using slow, sweeping movements. The heat will transfer the printed image or text from the paper. The pressure from the pressure press or iron will then push the printed image or text onto the adjacent material. Press the transfer paper for several minutes, taking care to reach all of the paper's edges.

6. Step 6

Remove the iron or pressure press. Carefully peel the transfer paper away from the material. The printed image or text is now on the material and off the paper. Allow the material to cool off for several minutes.

Use this web link to go to the Sawgrass Web Site and download the new Sublimation Handbook


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