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Sublimation Supplies

Our partnership with SFS who is a leading supplier in dye sublimation industry in the Far East has enabled us to offer our own brand of Sublimation consumables.

This is one of the best ranges to be found anywhere. The company has its own coating factory and a sophisticated distribution network in the domestic market and some European countries.

The R&D team members of SFS are constantly aware of the prevailing market trends.

As a one-stop supplier of sublimation products for distributors in the sublimation industry, large chain stores of personalised gifts and promotional product buyers, ETC has provided the comprehensive SFS product portfolio, covering almost all kinds of heat press equipments, press machine accessories, heat transfer expendables, coated ceramic products, coated metal products, sublimation gadgets and fabric products.

With us you can almost find all those you want. Even if there could be something missing in our product list, you can still contact us for an inquiry.

ETC is far away from being perfect. However, we are constantly striving for excellence and would sincerely like learn from our customers and friends from all over the world, and to together develop via mutually business.

Sublimation Transfer Guide

1. We recommend the use of Sawgrass Sublimation inks with this type of paper.

2. The shiny side is the side to print onto.

3. This paper can only be used on items that have a sublimation coating on them or 100% Polyester Fabrics.

4. When using fabrics, press them for 8-10 seconds so you have a clean flat surface to print onto and this will remove any moisture. The fabric should be cool before applying Sublimation Transfer.

5. Print onto the sublimation paper (mirror image) and wait for it to dry, approximately 1 minute.

6. Trim around your design to remove excess paper.

7. Place the sublimation paper onto the garment print side down. Cover with a Teflon sheet.

8. Heat press at 190C - 205C.

9. The heatpress should be set at a medium / heavy pressure.

10. Heatpress onto the product.

The following pressing times are intended as a guide only;

* Polyester fabrics approx. 25 seconds

* Caps approx. 15-20 seconds

* Mouse mats / fabric coated products approx. 25 seconds

* Ceramic Tiles approx. 210 seconds

* Mugs approx. 120-210 seconds

* Metal approx. 30-55 seconds

* Plastic approx. 35 seconds

11. Remove the Teflon sheet and Peel away the Sublimation paper whilst hot in a smooth even motion.

12. Let the item cool.

13. For Mugs, Glass and other ceramic items, immerse in cool water to stop the sublimation process.



ETC Supplies
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ETC Sublimation Paper - A4

Sublimation Paper Size A4 Pack of 100 sheets

Price ex VAT: £10.99

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Heat Resistant Glove

Price ex VAT: £1.99

Subli-Print Vinyl

Choose Option

Sublimation Baby Bib

Price ex VAT: £1.15

Choose Colour Option

USB Printer Cable

Price ex VAT: £2.99

Inner Colour Mug MG02

Price ex VAT: £1.10

Choose Colour Option

Full Colour Mug MG04

Price ex VAT: £1.15

Colour Change Mug MG07

Price ex VAT: £1.15

Small White Mug

Price ex VAT: £1.00

12oz Latte Mug

Price ex VAT: £1.15

Animal Mugs MG16

Price ex VAT: £1.15

Glass Mug MG18

Price ex VAT: £1.15

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