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Plastisol Transfers

Are you a textile decorator who's looking for a new product to sell or a way to increase your profits? Heat-applied plastisol transfers may be exactly what you're looking for!

The basic process for producing heat-applied plastisol transfers is uncomplicated. We supply a printed design with plastisol ink, but instead of printing it directly on the garment, we print the design on special paper. The resulting print, called a transfer, can be stored until needed. When you want to apply the transfer to a T-shirt, place the garment in a heat transfer press, put the transfer on top of the garment, ink side down, and close the press. The heat and pressure applied by the press will force the ink into the garment and finish curing it. When the press is opened and the paper is peeled off the shirt, the ink remains behind. When done correctly, a heat-applied plastisol transfer will be as permanent as a direct print and under some circumstances nearly indistinguishable.

You can have transfers supplied in colours or a basic plastisol base that allows you to overlay it with Foils. The effect of the Foils is amazing and low cost. So if you want a vinyl type finish but you do not have a plotting cutter, design software, time and techinical know how, then this process is for you.

Simply heat press your transfer onto the garment at 170C for 5 seconds at LOW pressure, remove the carrier paper and lay over with your foil, heat press again for 10 seconds at medium-high pressure and wait for 20-30 seconds for the foil to cool before peeling away the foil. Stand back and admire your work.

The coloured transfers have a excellent washability just like any other screen print. The foils also have a very good washability that we have tested at 40C at a Cotton wash cycle.

This is a very profitable way for any garment decorator to increase their product offering and increase business. All you need is a heat-press!

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