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Crystal Transfer Products

What is Photo Crystal?

?Photo Crystal? is the latest developed project for the sublimation industry. By using the following four materials we offer, you could put the colorful pictures onto the transparent crystal, and make it noble.

1) Crystal Solidification Machine (also called UV-machine)

2) UV Crystal glue

3) Jet Film

4) Blank Crystal

By applying the machine, glue as well as the jet film, and following the instructions on our teaching DVD and manual, you could make a very fashionable, promotion, gift or personal gift to your family or friends. It is not like 2D/3D kind of photo crystal, but in this kind of Photo Crystal you will find it totally vivid color, and easy to make it! But do not expose the crystal to the direct sunshine, which will shorten the life of the image.

This is a new innovative product that enables you to personalise a range of crystal shapes with full colour photography, logos and text.

We supply the UV machine, the special glue, the Crystal printing film and all the different crystal consumables that you need.

This process is much easier and cheaper then some of the established ways of transfering onto crystal.

Now any sublimation shop can provide Crystal sublimated products.

Summary of crystal graphic techniques and instructions.

1. Preparations, clean consumables and wear latex gloves to avoid skin oil marks.

2. Take a photo or choose one from your gallery.

3. Edit the photo with Photo-shop software and save to the correct size.

4. Set up the printer. Use a Epson Sublimation printer for best results.

5. Distinguish between the different kinds of film, the method of distinction between positive and negative side of the jet film and the means of preservation. The frosted size is the back and the clear is the front printing side.

6. Know how to use the functions of the machine.

7. Use only crytsal glues.

8. Clean the crystal on the side that is to be printed.

9. Apply the glue onto the jet film. You only need a little amount that can then be spread using a rubber squeege once the film is applied to the crystal.

10. Put the crystal onto the jet film, spread with the squeege. Place the crystal into the machin with the excess film cut away. Wait for one-minute for the solidification process to take place.

11. Take out the crystal, and final trim the edge by knife.

12. Clean the crystal by chemical alcohol, and remove the film.

Put it into the gift box with cardboard sleeve.

ETC Supplies
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Eight Angle Crystal

Price ex VAT: £4.90

Iceberg Crystal

Price ex VAT: £10.00

Mountain Shaped Crystal3

Price ex VAT: £8.00

S-Shaped Screen Crystal

Price ex VAT: £15.95

#73 Crystal Un-Polished

Price ex VAT: £8.00

Master Craft Knives Set

Price ex VAT: £5.99

UV800 Crystal Machine

Price ex VAT: £650.00