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Special Reflective Thread

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Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

Price ex VAT: £15.99
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ETC Supplies Special Reflective Embroidery Thread.

This is a special reflective thread that is used in workwear and sportswear. The product is made from two strands of 75D/2 polyester filament thread and 1 ply of reflective film. The reflective film is made of PET film + Glass beads + Polyurethane resin. The thickness/specification of the whole thread is Tex 85. The strength is around 825cN.

This is a very special thread and you should NOT expect just to change over a standard embroidery thread and put this one on to run the same.

The price is expensive due to the technical nature of this product and limited availability. 

Please buy one sample to test on your machine before bulk purchase. We DO NOT except any Returns on this product. You will have to carry out your own research and development to ascertain if it works for you. Don't forget R&D costs can be written off against your company profits (speak to your accountant).

Only available in 1,000 meter cops.

We recommend that you;

* Use size 90 needles.

* Slow your machine speed down.

* Use ETC Fablube spray to lubricate the needles and thread during embroidery.

ETC Supplies does not accept any liability for use of this product.

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