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ETC Premium Metallic Thread Tkt: 40

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Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

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ETC Premium Metallic Rayon Embroidery Thread.

This is a high quality rayon filament with a metallic outer wrap thread. This product is available in 1,000 meter cops and 4,625 meter cones.

When using this type of thread we recommend the following;

* Use size 90 needles.

* Slow your machine speed as low as possible.

* Run the thread on a horizontal thread holder.

* Use our Fablube silicone spray on the needles and thread whilst sewing to prevent snagging. This is a special thread and will require experience to use trouble free. For more information on how to use metallic threads please see the video below.

This thread is available in the following colours.

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Golden 1001 ME-005

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Gold Bell 1002 ME-014

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Metallic Silver 1003 ME-004

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Silver Bell 1004 ME-003

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Rose Gold 1005 ME-061

ETC Rayon Metallic Thread Rainbow 1006 ME-100

This Premium Metallic thread is sold at very low prices. The 1,000 meter cops are only £2.99 and the 4,625 cones are only £8.99


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