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EMS 8 in 1 Quick-Change Fastframes

EMS Quick Change frames
Manufacturer: EMS Hooptech

Price ex VAT: £445.00
Machine Type


This is the 8 in 1 Set: 2 x 4.5, 2.5 x 4.5, 3 x 4.5, 4.5 x 4.5, 6 x 4.5, 4 x 11, 6 x 8 + Cap Back

Quick Change Sets

The QUICK CHANGE interchangeable sewing window frame set is a quick and easy way to support your lighter embroidery applications. The thin stainless windows together with a sticky backing base provide a sturdy platform for sewing many different types of garments and fabrics.

Please select the correct arms to fit your machine. These are sold separately at £28.00 set.

The Standard chassis will fit most industrial embroidery machines. Brother PR machines require a special smaller chassis.


The “Original” interchangeable sewing window frames.

Before the QUICK CHANGE, sticky backing frames were available in only one frame, one window, one machine configuration. The QUICK CHANGE changed all that and introduced a single mounting frame with interchangeable windows, and, interchangeable tubular arm adapters. This innovation gave embroiders a great value for their money as well as an assortment of window sizes to choose from. For little more than the price of a single size window frame, you could now have 6 – 7 and even 8 windows to choose from. The QUICK CHANGE has been a very popular product since it’s introduction because it gives you more bang for the buck.

Will Fit




QUICK CHANGE is available several window set packages as well as individual additional window sizes.


Quick Change Sets - 4 in 1 Quick Change Sets - 6 in 1 Quick Change Sets - 6 in 1


How to Use


The Quick Change sewing windows are designed to be used with peel and stick, or water activated, sticky backing. The sticky backing is applied to the underside of the window with the sticky side up. The fabric to be embroidered is pressed down on the sticky side and is held in place during sewing. After the design is complete, just tear away the backing from the window, patch the hole with another piece of peel and stick, and your ready for the next design.
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