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Tajima Frames

Manufacturer: Durkee

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Get the durability you expect and need from a plastic embroidery Frame without the expense. ETC Embroidery Supplies has embroidery Frames available for Tajima, Barudan, Brother, Happy, Melco, SWF, Toyota, and ZSK embroidery machines. Try our embroidery Frames and you will never overpay for Frames again! Frames * Constructed from high impact plastics -- The high impact plastics make the DE Frame indestructible and reduces vibration through the Frame. * Brass inserts for all screws -- Molding in brass inserts reduces the chance for screws to loosen by providing greater holding power. * Light texture on Frame surface area -- Texturing the Frame?s surface provides better holding of garments during sewing for better registration. * Extra height -- The additional height of the Frame also helps in holding thicker, hard-to-hold garments. * Directional guides -- Directional guides make centering designs effortless. Adjusting Rings * Constructed from high impact plastics -- The high impact plastic makes the DE ring of the Frame unbreakable. * Thumb screw is larger and longer than our competitors? -- The larger size of the thumbscrew provides more torque, so it is easy to adjust and opens wide for thick garments. * Wide space for thumb screw adjusting -- The extra space for reaching the thumb screw also aids in adjusting the ring. Metal Clips * Extra long clips -- The length of the clips aid in reducing vibration through the Frame. Screws with lock washers -- Attaching the clips to plastic with screws and lock washers prevents the clips from vibrating loose. * Zinc plating with clear chromate finish -- Zinc provides a harder surface that reduces wear, adding to the life span of the clip.

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