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Schmetz Industrial Embroidery Needles

Manufacturer: Schmetz

Schmetz Industrial Embroidery Needles
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Schmetz Industrial Embroidery Needles

Only from ETC Supplies

Schmetz Needles are the most technologically advanced and highest quality embroidery needles available. When ordering please choose which is the right needle for your type of work. If you need any advice give us a call, we?ll be happy to help

Sold in a pack of 100 needles

Needle breakage

Needle breakage can cause the following problems:


  • Destroyed fabric parts in the area of Schiffli embroidery
  • Damages in thin nonwovens
  • Mesh damages in knit fabrics
  • Needle fragments remaining in the fabric



How you can avoid these problems:


  • Adjust the needle size to the fabric to avoid bending and breaking
  • Check the needle point for damages regularly
  • Check the correct positioning of the needle
  • Coordinate the embroidery tools, e.g. presser foot, needle plate, as well as the embroidery thread and material.
  • Optimize the thread tension



Skip stitches / Thread breakage

Skip stitches and thread breakage are caused by the following:


  • Incorrect thread tension
  • Incorrect thread guidance
  • Incorrect needle system
  • Incorrectly fitted needle
  • Use of an oversized embroidery thread in relation to the needle size
  • Cloth presser adjustment too high



How you can avoid these problems:


  • Adjust the embroidery thread size to the needle size and the fabric, or try a needle with a bigger SA eye.
  • Check the correct positioning of the needle
  • Optimize the shuttle setting
  • Examine the thread guiding elements
  • Optimize the thread tension
  • Reduce the embroidering speed
  • Replace worn out embroidery tools such as thread guiding elements, needle plate and shuttles.
  • Optimize the adjustment of the cloth presser


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