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Duster Compressed Gas Non Flammable 225ml

Manufacturer: DUST OFF

Price ex VAT: £16.99


Eco-Superior Duster

Compressed Gas is MORE higher power than compressed Air

Introducing the Dust-Off® Eco-Superior Duster!
The world’s first duster to utilize a newly-formulated
non-flammable, ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
aerosol propellant. Now you can clean with eco-confidence!
The Dust-Off Eco-Superior Duster has been environmentally engineered
with the same commitment to quality, reliability and sustainability as the
Dust-Off Dusters you have known for years.
Dust-Off Dusters are the cornerstone in helping rid harmful dust and other
contaminants from your electronics equipment. The cleaning versatility
our dusters has been identified by consumers as a safe and effective
maintenance tool for hundreds of applications.
Benefits include:
• Highest quality and most
choice for electronics
• 99.5% Lower GWP
(Global Warming Potential)
than other Non-Flammable
• Minimum Carbon
Footprint Can
• Non-Flammable

Size: 225ml



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