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Oil Stain Remover

Manufacturer: ETC Supplies

Price ex VAT: £8.99



This is a high power solution in a hand pump spray bottle.

* Concentrated Formula

* No propellants or gasses

* Pure solvent

This product is used to remove;

Oil, grease, sealants, adhesive, tar, grim, wet paint and wax etc.

How to apply.

* Protect working surface with clean cloth or paper.

* Place tissue, cotton wool or soft backing inside the garment under the stain.

* Hold spray can 4-6 inches away from the stain and spray on evenly over the stain.

* Leave for 1 to 5 minutes to desolve the stain.

* Do not rub the stain.

* Use our Ultrasonic stain remover to agitate the stain if required.

* Use our high power Green Clean compressed non flammable gas to push the stain through the fabric.

* If required you can use our Centron cleaning spray or soapy water to remove any solvent left over.

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