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My embroidery on pique fabrics is puckered? I use three pieces of embroidery backing and the stitch count is in excess of 10,000 stitches. What can you advise?

Helpdesk Response

When you use 3 pieces you tend to suffer from 'jumping out of the frame' syndrome. Use one sheet of our Fifty/Fifty Single Sheet backing. It would also be advisable to look at reducing the stitch count. Has your design been simply reduced to size without any stitch alteration? The other thing to look at is the tensions on your top thread and underthread. If these are incorrect you will get puckering!

Finally, some fabrics pucker due to the way they are made. Polo Shirts and dress shirts are very bad for this. We have developed a new product called Anti Puckering spray. You simply spray this onto the front of the fabric and once it dries you do your embroidery as normal. The spray gives the fabric more body and prevents it pulling in.